Priceless memories of time immemorial….

I have very vivid memories of the 2017 summer vacations that I spent in my village hometown. I had penned down my feelings and thoughts with a very heavy heart as that was probably our last holiday in our ancestral home in a village about 178 km from Kolkata. I had no plans of going to Kolkata and Ahmedpur in the 2017 summer vacations.

My father had set up a Rice Factory which was inaugurated in February 2005. We had all given a lot of thought and precious time in deciding the name by which the Rice Factory would be known as. For papa the factory was like his 4th child which he had set up with extreme love, great effort and wonderful expertise. He ran this factory for 12 good years very successfully and achieved great fame and respect in District’s Rice Millers Association….

After having given much thought and a lot of deliberation dad finally made the decision of winding up his business by selling off the factory. Mom’s health condition was a major factor regarding the decision that papa made…. Ahmedpur lacked and still lacks in good infrastructure. Medical facilities are neither available in Ahmedpur nor any place close by. For any kind of medical emergency we still have to rush to Kolkata which is a good 3.5 hours drive.

As mom and dad are both growing older they will not stay as healthy as they were all these years but will head towards the downside every passing day. Mom complains of stomach ache as well as pain in the joints and bones which are major side effects of the Liver Ailment that she has gone through.

I had voiced my thought to papa a couple of years ago that he should wind up the business and relocate themselves to a place where proper medical facilities and good infrastructure are available. Nothing happens before time. Probably it wasn’t the right time for the wind up to happen as we were not getting the desired and rightful worth for the factory. The bank loan taken for the construction of the factory has been fully paid off last year. The working capital loan that was still due has also been taken care of. The saying ” that one gets only what is destined and that there is a right time for everything….” is very true.

6th June 2017, was just another day of vacation at Ahmedpur when the feeling of sadness and void had started sinking in… Our Ahmedpur bungalow would be disposed off very soon as we were over and done with the reason for being in that place. It is indeed very difficult and painful to see one’s home being sold off to someone else for whom it would just be another house till the feeling of attachment doesn’t prevail. It is very heart breaking when the realisation dawns and starts seeping in that the wonderful memories and moments spent in this beautiful home will no longer be with us very soon. We have spent a lot of our vacations from being an infant, a toddler, school and college days and last but not the least… our yearly visit to our parents home after getting married. My children get super excited whenever there is just a slight mention of our Ahmedpur home in the smallest of conversations too. Their eyes light light up like 100 watt bulbs with just the mention of any kind of planning being done for Ahmedpur vacations.

We entered our home and went to the garden area to show my kiddos the treehouse, it wasn’t there anymore. The feeling of void and emptiness started from there itself. There was an emotional attachment with the treehouse too even though my children were not too fond of it and never found it exciting and interesting.

No other person but the people who have lived and spent their quality time in that house can imagine the and feel the void of that ” Home Sweet Home ” not being ours anymore very soon. I was sharing my emotions and feelings with my elder sister over the telephone and just couldn’t manage to control my tears from rolling down my eyes. We both cried and and voiced our feelings to each other about our home which will not be owned by us very shortly.

I just wanted to grasp every passing moment we were now spending there and lock the beautiful moments of merry making and wonderful time spent there, somewhere deep down in my heart forever and ever.

All three of us, me and my elder twin sisters, would very eagerly wait for our holidays to begin so that we could go and enjoy the exotic, one of a kind country life. Our huge bungalow is surrounded by a garden area on three sides with the front area being open for any sport to be played, be it cricket, badminton or even pitthoo (sitoliya). We always enjoyed our garden fresh organic veggies and fruits to the utmost. The children always loved to pluck the required amount of fruits and vegetables from the garden all by themselves. We have looked forward very eagerly to the very relaxing and totally detoxifying vacations in Ahmedpur. But, this pleasure will soon be over and done with.

During the telephonic conversation that was happening between my sister and myself, I shared with her that if the feeling of our house not being ours very soon was so difficult for us to accept, how painful it would be for mom and dad who have spent their entire lives in that house.

Every thought in every passing moment is just getting tears in our eyes. Probably, we are all just trying to grasp and cling on to all the beautiful memories and lovely time we have spent there….

But somehow, we have to accept and come to terms with the fact that life moves on and we have to keep pace with the fast moving time. The good thing is, that we have countless stories and memories embedded deep in our hearts, for our children for their entire lives to hear out to and relive the house from our beautiful memories and real life incidents…..<a

Author: nanditasarda

Nandita Sarda is my maiden name. I am happily married and blessed with two very pretty and extremely adorable princesses who are my lifelines. I am a qualified baker n confectioner by profession and am extremely passionate about being a baker as well as penning down my thoughts and messages. My great urge to express myself is the biggest inspiration for me to write on generation issues, day to day situations as well as gender bias.....

2 thoughts on “Priceless memories of time immemorial….”

  1. You have penned your feeling very well.Its sad that u can not go back there due to reasons…still childhood memories are always a treasure to us.Even I have fond memories of Ahmedpur.i had also spent my childhood like princess there. Playing with my cousins,fighting like cats and dogs with them,bathing at POKHAR (small lake )…Above all learnt my SANSKAR there, specially staying with joint family. We r blessed to have such a beautiful family to support and cherish.

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