Created Eclipse for the Hindu Festivals…..

“Holi” is a Hindu Spring Festival celebrated in the Indian Subcontinent, also known as the ” festival of colours “. It signifies the victory of the good over the evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play n laugh, forgive and forget by the popular punch line – “Bura na maano, Holi hai!! “It lasts for a night and a day, starting on the evening of a full moon day in the month of Phalgun. The first evening is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi, and the following day as Holi or Rangwaali Holi and even as Dhulandi…..

It is Holika Dahan today. Festivities have already begun since the last 2 to 3 days. The market area is full of stalls with a variety of beautiful colours of “Gulal” and “Pakka Rang” as well. There seems to be a tough competition between the various creatively designed “Pichkaris” , each design wanting to outshine the other and is in a great rush to be the Customer’s bestie for the day of the Festival. The fervour for the so called ” Rango ka Tyohaar (Holi) is high all over. People are super busy shopping for Rang and Pichkaris along with the preparations for the much awaited Delicacies. The most popular are the Kanji Vadas and the Meetha Gunjias . The Thandai secretly mixed with the intoxicating Bhaang is a treat for some people who are extremely fond of this festival as this is the only day of the year on which it’s a tradition to have Bhaang as a custom of the Festival .

On the other hand, each year there is a wave of the thought process to ” save water ” which sounds so very hypocritical and ridiculous. 364 days of the year we conveniently forget about the much hyped issue to save water. My message to the readers is that it is quite an obnoxious idea and thought process to spoil the fervour and fun of the colourful Festival.

Why do we suddenly wake up one fine morning as responsible and matured citizens of India. Where was our maturity, responsibility as well as concern for the Environment all these 364 days?

If we actually want to try becoming responsible and eco friendly then it has to be a continuous process (24*7*365). The concern in my message to the society is that why do we suddenly realise just before the Festival Days that we are not being eco-friendly.

The biggest concern in my message is that if we don’t continue to live our Traditions and Festivals, we Hindus will gradually start losing out on our Hindutva and will start towards getting extinct. We Hindus should be strongly united to raise our voices against the much edited drama by the politicians of the country.

It is very heart breaking and sad to see and feel that all the hindrances are only applicable for Hindu Festivals.

Similarly, even before the Festivities of Diwali ( The Festival of Lights) begin, we get to hear and read big slogans of ” Have a safe and Cracker less DIWALI to help in controlling the pollution caused by the fire crackers “. Why doesn’t the Society and Government wake up to the day to day pollution caused by the Heavy Industries, Public Transport and Old Private Cars which do not comply to today’s PUC Terms and Conditions. If we can’t take any kind of actions and steps against the pollution caused by the above mentioned, then it is not right at all to put a ban on the use of the Fire Crackers for the Festival of Lights.

The smoke emitted by the bursting of fire crackers, as a matter of fact, is proven to be healthy as it kills all the mosquitoes and insects which can cause fatal diseases and is a threat to human life.

It is indeed very absurd and ridiculous that all our awareness arises to the level of infinity only for two days, namely Holi and Diwali . Where does the concern go for the remaining days of the year? It seems as if the hibernation process gets over twice a year only on those two Festival Days……

Nafrat khulkar aur Mohabbat chhipkar karte hain, Hum apni hee banayi duniya se Kitna Darte hain……

Bura na maano Holi hai.


Author: nanditasarda

Nandita Sarda is my maiden name. I am happily married and blessed with two very pretty and extremely adorable princesses who are my lifelines. I am a qualified baker n confectioner by profession and am extremely passionate about being a baker as well as penning down my thoughts and messages. My great urge to express myself is the biggest inspiration for me to write on generation issues, day to day situations as well as gender bias.....

4 thoughts on “Created Eclipse for the Hindu Festivals…..”

  1. Beautifully described feelings about Hindu. It is tye same case o kite flying day as well. As if no other religion is harming the environment except Hindus. I am not critisizing any religion but people should think about it. Even schools encourage such things that we should celebrate hindu festivals in a particular way. Young minds are most affected ones which lasts for a lifetime.

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  2. Very well articulated Nandita. Though, I don’t agree with you on certain issues but we won’t be called ‘Argumentative Indians’ if we didn’t have diverse opinions.

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  3. You have conceived the words very well…it is true that we should be aware about our duties towards society all days …but it is us who don’t care about saving water,pollution,traffic rules etc….your efforts are really appreciated….wishing more to read from your blog.

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